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Sheltered Workshop

To provide persons with disabilities who are not able to enter into open employment with appropriate vocational training in a specially designed environment in order to help them develop their social and economic potential to the fullest extent; and
To enhance their working capacity in order that they can move on to supported or open employment wherever possible
Various training and activities are provided to extend trainees' potentials:
training in work habits;
allowance-generating work skills training (training allowance is in general calculated according to the kind of job training and the trainees' participation);
on-going assessment on progress of trainees; and
activities to meet trainees' developmental and social needs
Persons with disabilities who are aged 15 and above and possess basic self-care and work ability
Referrals/applications can be made by school social workers, medical social workers, family caseworkers and staff of rehabilitation service units to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services, Social Welfare Department.  The application is free of charge.  The applicant should report to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) immediately in case anyone offers to assist in application for placement in return for remuneration.  Attempted bribery by any person is also an offence in law, SWD will refer the case to ICAC for investigation.
Please contact the service units or the Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch of the Social Welfare Department at 3586 3425 or 3586 3648
There is no employer-employee relationship between the service units and the trainees

List of Sheltered Workshops
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here
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