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Supported Employment


To provide support for persons with disabilities in employment and to allow them to work in an integrated open setting with necessary support service

1. Employment counseling and work skills training
1.1 Arrange job placement, such as job analysis and job matching;
1.2 Provide support services including employment-related skills training, on-the-job coaching and supervision, job-related guidance and advice to the participants, their family members and the employers;
1.3 Provide support services to participants matching with the changing needs of the labour market and the economy; and
1.4 Allowance-generating work skills training (training allowance is in general calculated according to the kind of job training and the trainees' participation)
2. Job Attachment
2.1 The service operators will arrange job attachment for each participant. During the job attachment period, which is not more than three months, the participants who can fulfill the required attendance will have the job attachment allowance of $2,000 per month;
2.2 After completing the job attachment, the participants will be assisted to find suitable job or job trial in the open market; and
2.3 There is no employer-employee relationship between participants and organisations that provide job attachment opportunities.
3. Job Trial
3.1 The employers can try out work abilities of the participants through job trial. During the job trial period, the employers will receive a wage subsidy equal to 50% of the actual wage paid to the participants with a ceiling of $4,000 a month, whichever is the lower, for a maximum period of six months;
3.2 The participants under job trial should enjoy the status of employees and are entitled to the normal employment benefits as defined under Employment Ordinance, the Minimum Wage Ordinance, etc; and
3.3 Job trial may be skipped if the participants could secure an employment after the job attachment.
4. Post-placement Service
No less than 12 months of post-placement service is provided to the participants to help them settle in employment.
Persons with moderate disablement with working abilities lying between sheltered workshop and open employment without support, i.e. the majority of persons with moderate grade intellectual disability and those with mild grade intellectual disability coupled with other disabilities or being recommended/assessed by the service operator or allied health professionals such as occupational therapist, psychologist, etc that they would be benefitted from the service; or
Persons with moderate disablement with good working abilities but who are unable to adjust to the competitive open job market in the absence of support, i.e. those persons with severe physical, sensory, visceral or psychiatric disabilities.

To be eligible for the service, an applicant should be: 
aged 15 or above;
person with disabilities who is assessed to be capable of or likely capable of open employment if provided with special support programme;
has adequate self-care and daily living skills; and
has motivation to take up open employment.
Applicants can approach the operating agencies directly or referral can be made to the Central Referral System for Rehabilitation Services, Social Welfare Department.  The application is free of charge.  The applicant should report to the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) immediately in case anyone offers to assist in application for placement in return for remuneration.  Attempted bribery by any person is also an offence in law, SWD will refer the case to ICAC for investigation.
Please contact the operating agencies or the Rehabilitation and Medical Social Services Branch of the Social Welfare Department at 3586 3428 or 3586 3649
There is no employer-employee relationship between the operating agencies and the trainees
List of Operating Agencies
Addresses and telephone numbers can be downloaded here
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