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  Pamphlet on PCSSA
Portable Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (PCSSA) Scheme

The objective of the PCSSA Scheme is to enable elderly CSSA recipients who meet the prescribed criteria to continue to receive cash assistance under the CSSA Scheme if they choose to retire permanently in Guangdong or Fujian.

  1. Eligibility Criteria

Elderly CSSA recipients meeting the following criteria are allowed to continue to receive their monthly standard rate payment and annual long-term supplement should they choose to take up permanent residence in Guangdong or Fujian :
  1. be a Hong Kong permanent resident and have lived in Hong Kong for at least seven years;
  2. be aged 65 or above; and                                                                                     (Note: A person aged 60 to 64 who is considered as an elderly recipient under the CSSA Scheme also satisfies the age requirement of the PCSSA Scheme.  For details, please contact the Social Security Field Unit which handles his/her CSSA case.)                                                                                              
  3. have received CSSA continuously for at least one year immediately before the date of application for PCSSA. Breaks in payment totalling not more than 10 days during the one-year period are allowed.
  2. Assistance Payable

Successful applicants are entitled to the monthly standard rate and the annual long-term supplement. No special grants or other payments (such as rent allowance, special diet allowance, traveling expenses) will be payable. A burial grant can be made to a deceased PCSSA recipient's relative or friend who is responsible for the deceased recipient's burial arrangement.

  3. How to apply

An applicant may apply for PCSSA in person at the social security field unit which handles his/her CSSA case. Those who have mobility problems can apply by phone or by post so that home visits can be arranged to process their applications. All application procedures are processed in Hong Kong.

4. Fees and charges

No service charge is required

  5. More Information (downloadable)

Downloading of the materials for reading and printing can be done through the use of the Adobe(R) acrobat(R) reader software which is available free at the Adobe Systems Inc. Website. Get Adobe Reader
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