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 Residential Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services
$d Service Description

The residential drug treatment and rehabilitation services serve those drug abusers who wish to seek voluntary residential drug treatment and rehabilitation for social integration. According to the Drug Dependent Persons Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres (Licensing) Ordinance (Chapter 566, Laws of Hong Kong), all residential drug treatment and rehabilitation services units which come into existence and which want to commence operation on or after 1 April 2002 should be subject to regulation by the issue of licences. The department subvents six NGOs providing non-medical residential drug treatment and rehabilitation services through a range of programmes such as religious-based programmes, peer support, intensive counselling, vocational training, social skills training, aftercare service and etc.

$d List of Subvented Residential Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Centres and Halfway Houses

At present, there are 13 residential drug treatment and rehabilitation centres and halfway houses being operated by 6 NGOs, providing a total of 357 subvented places, under the subvention of Social Welfare Department.  Contact information of the centres and halfway houses can be downloaded here:

PDF DocumentPDF Document Excel DocumentExcel Document
$d Licensing Scheme for Treatment Centres

Please visit the website of the Licensing Scheme for Treatment Centres for further information: 


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