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Cyber Youth Support Teams
Service Description
  To address the at-risk and hidden youths aged 6 to 24 who may not prefer conventional mainstream services, Cyber Youth Support Teams (CYSTs) are set up to proactively approach and engage them through cyber means.
  The CYSTs provide professional social work intervention with online and offline counselling and group/programme services to at-risk and hidden youths.  The CYSTs will form partnership with other community stakeholders and organisations to foster cross-sectoral collaboration to address the needs of at-risk and hidden youths.
Operating Hours of CYSTs
  CYSTs have different operating hours to suit operational needs.  Please contact individual CYST for its operating hours.
List of CYSTs
  The names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses and websites of the five CYSTs can be downloaded here:
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