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  • Treatment of annuity scheme under Fujian Scheme (applicable to applicants aged 65 to 69 only)

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  • Special one-off arrangement under Fujian Scheme

The Fujian Scheme is formally launched on 1 April 2018. To allow sufficient time for the applicants to submit their applications, the Social Welfare Department starts receiving applications now. The allowance is payable from the date of meeting all eligibility criteria by the elderly persons but in no circumstances should it be earlier than the first day of the implementation of the Fujian Scheme (i.e. 1 April 2018).

Besides, in the first year of implementing the Fujian Scheme (i.e. from 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019), a special one-off arrangement will be in place to allow Hong Kong elderly persons who have already settled in Fujian and satisfied all other eligibility criteria (including age, means test requirement for applicants aged 65 to 69, etc.), but failed to meet the one-year continuous residence in Hong Kong requirement to benefit from the Fujian Scheme without having to return and stay in Hong Kong for one year, but the applicant must have resided in Fujian continuously for one year (absence from Fujian up to a maximum of 56 days during the one-year period is treated as residence in Fujian) immediately before the date of application.

Elderly persons who wish to apply for the Fujian Scheme through the Special One-Off Arrangement may apply now. For details, please refer to the application procedure.

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Eligibility Criteria

The Fujian Scheme has largely the same eligibility criteria as Old Age Allowance in Hong Kong. A person is eligible for allowance under the Fujian Scheme, if he/she:


A Special one-off arrangement:

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Application Procedure

Application Form for the Fujian SchemePDF Document

Application for Fujian Scheme Guidance NotesPDF Document

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Press Releases

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TV and Radio Announcement (broadcast from March 2018)

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