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Sham Shui Po Well-Being Movement
Sham Shui Po Well-Being Movement

Through mobilizing 17 social service units and local organizations, different professionals and groups are linked to train service users to be volunteers to serve people in need in the district.  Through a variety of cross-sectoral activities, different units work together to promote love and care in the community while facilitating local residents to take action to spread love.  We celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Establishment of the HKSAR by sending love and care through serving others in the district.

Program content:

  1. "Happiness Alliance" Activities: Service units in the district will connect with local stakeholders to serve people with different needs.
  2. Distribute promotional materials on the message of happiness.
  3. Happiness Mobile Car:
    Date of Program: January 7, 2023
    Parking venue: Fu Cheong Estate, Pak Tin Estate, Mei Foo Sun Chuen, Un Chau Estate
    Activity: the happiness mobile car will be parked at the above four estates to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the establishment of the HKSAR and to promote positive message through various activities, including “happiness vote”, booth games and distribution of gifts.

Implementation period: June 2022 to February 2023

Sham Shui Po District

Welcome your participation in the "Happiness Alliance" Activities.
Participation details:

  Agency/ Organization in Sham Shui Po Program Contact person and enquiry number
1. Hong Kong YWCA
Sham Shui Po Integrated Social Service
"Same" Sky Homeless Community Project 2022: Train youth to understand the needs of the homeless, and design experiential activities for the homeless to enhance their well-being. Ms TSANG: 2720 4318
2. TWGHs Yu Mak Yuen Integrated Services Centre  Ears’ Friendship: Train volunteers to learn sign language, visit hearing-impaired families, and finally perform sign language songs by volunteers and hearing-impaired people together to promote positive and inclusion values. Mr TSUI: 8108 1662
3. Hong Kong International Social Service
Sham Shui Po (South) Integrated Family Service Centre
Love Garden in Sham Shui Po: Train community members to receive floral training and communication skills; and then facilitate elders to make flowers handicrafts, and to show concern and care to them. Mr YEUNG: 2386 6967
4. New Home Association (Kowloon West) Love & Harmony: Train new arrivals to learn handicrafts and communication skills; then serve as volunteers to facilitate elders to make handicrafts, and bring them care and joy. Mr LEUNG: 2720 2001
5. St. Jame's Settlement
So Uk Neighbourhood Elderly Centre
Couple's Sweet "Home" - Happiness Salon: Train retired elderly couples to learn basic photography skills, and then serve as volunteers to take family photos for low income families to enhance mutual family cohesion. Mr SIU: 2363 2110
6. Pak Tin Baptist Church Community Centre Happiness "Cut" : Train low income women to learn basic hair cut skills, and provide free hair cut services to the elders and the disabled people in the district through the service. Mr HO: 2779 2368
7. Yang Memorial Methodist Social Service Sham Shui Po District Support Love Weaving ♥ Soup Care: Train service users to weave neck scarves, and deliver the neck scarves and the donated soups to elders and people with disabilities in the district, to show them care and concern. Ms WONG: 2710 8070
8. The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong
Sham Shui Po Revival Hub
SHE Freedom: Train low income women to make aromatherapy, and then share essential oil making skills with youth and the elders, to provide them support and care. Ms KONG: 2779 5003
9. Fu Hong Society
Sheung Li Uk Adult Training Centre
Loving "Soap": Train service users to make handmade soaps and mosquito bricks, and show love and care to elders through online visits and deliver handmade soap and mosquito bricks to them. Ms CHENG: 2958 0331
10. CPMS Neighbourhood Elderly Centre of Grace Molkky- Expanding Your Mind and Body: Train the elders to learn making aroma stone and deliver the gift to the public, and train the volunteers to learn molkky and then teach disabled people to enhance better mental health. Ms TSE/ Mr CHEUNG: 2778 3618
11. Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Shek Kip Mei Centre Happy Run: Train the youth to learn “Positive Running Skills ", and then plan a Happy Running Day for the elders and community members in the district, to strengthen their physical and mental well-being. Ms TSANG: 2778 2727
12. The Hong Kong Society for the Blind "822 Studio": Train the hearing-impaired and their carers to learn aromatherapy, and serve as volunteers to facilitate caregivers of the district to make aromatherapy, and show them care and love. Ms CHEUNG:3723 8873
13. Hong Kong Institute of Vocational Education- The Student Development Office: Haking Wong Leaders Crossover: Train tertiary students to learn sports training and planning skills for organizing activities for children, then plan sports training and experiential activities for children. Ms CHAN: 2708 6496
14. Caritas Cheng Shing Fung District Elderly Centre(Sham Shui Po) Love in Sham Shui Po: Train volunteers to learn music therapy, laughing yoga, aromatherapy, and then show love and care to the elders through visits them and providing them with epidemic care packs and aromatherapy works. Ms YIP: 2729 1211
15. Christian Family Service Centre- Tsui Ngai Co-production Centre Love and Inclusion in Sham Shui Po: Train disabled people to become volunteers, and equip them with communication skills and understand the needs of people living alone in the district. Visits will be organized to the one living alone in subdivided flat and hostels. Mr TSANG: 2905 5460
16. Tai Hang Tung Integrated Family Service Centre- Social Welfare Department Tidy Up in Love: Train youth to learn storage skills and understand the needs of hoarders, then provide guidance and share organizing skills to families with hoarding problems, so as to improve their home environment. Ms LEE: 2725 7544
17. Loving Kids Community Service Co. Ltd. Children Love Elderly: Train women and children to knit scarves, and then deliver gifts and food to the elders during visits and to show them care and love. Ms SIN: 2117 3675

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Sham Shui Po District Social Welfare Office

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