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Services for Prevention and Handling of Elder Abuse

What is the definition of Elder Abuse?

Generally speaking, elder abuse refers to the commission or omission of any act that endangers the welfare or safety of an elderly person.

Our belief

Every elderly person has the right to survival, freedom and personal safety; to receive basic provisions for living with dignity; and should not be treated with cruelty, inhumanity or insult. Ensuring elderly person's safety is the paramount concern.

How to seek help?

Suitable assistance

  • Elderly persons being abused should seek help from relevant professionals (such as social worker, healthcare personnel and police officer, etc.) as early as possible so as to improve the situation.
  • Under the context of safeguarding the safety of elderly persons, professionals will also offer assistance to abusers to solve their personal or family problems and, where possible, will try to formulate follow-up plan for the elder persons and the family members, including improving the relationship with the abusers.

Publicity Leaflets on 'Protecting Elderly Persons Against Abuse'

The Department has published a set of 6 leaflets on elder abuse to enhance the awareness of elderly persons and other citizens on the problem of elder abuse, to prevent the occurrence of abusive incident, and to encourage elderly persons being abused as well as their family members and friends to seek assistance as early as possible so as to remedy the situations. The leaflets can be downloaded here.

Item / Name Download File / Link
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Abuse PDF / Word / Other languages
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Physical Abuse PDF / Word
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Psychological Abuse PDF / Word
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Neglect and Abandonment PDF / Word
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Financial Abuse PDF / Word
Protecting Elderly Persons Against Sexual Abuse PDF / Word