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Integrated Family Services


Operated by the SWD and subvented non-governmental organisations, Integrated Family Service Centres (IFSCs)/ Integrated Services Centres (ISCs) provide welfare services to address welfare needs of individuals and families of specific localities. The IFSCs aim at supporting and strengthening individuals and families through delivering of services under the direction of 'child-centred, family-focused and community-based.'

An IFSC consists of 3 major components, namely, family resource unit, family support unit and family counselling unit. At present, there is an extensive network of 65 IFSCs over the territory and 2 ISCs in Tung Chung to provide a range of preventive, supportive and remedial family services.

Service Target

Any individuals or families can approach the centre which geographical service boundary covering their residential address for enquiry/ assistance.

Service Content

Services include enquiry service, service resource and information, family life education, parent-child activities, group work service, programme activities, volunteer training and service, outreaching service, counselling service and referral service, etc.

Information of Service Unit

Item / Name Download File / Link
Leaflet on Services of IFSC PDF / Other languages
Addresses, Telephone Numbers and Operating Hours of IFSCs/ ISCs PDF / Excel
Leaflet on Addresses and Telephone Numbers of IFSCs/ ISCs PDF
Geographical Service Boundaries of IFSCs/ ISCs Link