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Information for People of Different Races


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Welfare Information

Social Security

Item / NameDownload File
Pamphlet on Comprehensive Social Security Assistance SchemePDF
Pamphlet on Social Security AllowancePDF
Pamphlet on Guangdong Scheme and Fujian SchemePDF
Support for Self-reliance SchemePDF
Criminal and Law Enforcement Injuries Compensation Scheme LeafletPDF
Traffic Accident Victims Assistance Scheme LeafletPDF
Emergency Relief Fund LeafletPDF
A Guide to Social Security AppealsPDF

Family & Child Welfare Services

Item / NameDownload File / Link
Outreaching Teams for Ethnic MinoritiesLink
Pamphlet on Integrated Family Service CentrePDF
Considering AdoptionPDF
Welcome to Foster CarePDF
Suicide Prevention ServicesPDF
Day Child Care ServicesPDF
Support Services for Victims of Spouse / Cohabitant BatteringPDF
Services for Battered Male VictimsPDF
Services for Victims of Sexual ViolencePDF
Family and Child Protective Services UnitPDF
  • Updated contact information
Child Protection - We All Have a DutyPDF
Support Programme for Enhancing Peaceable Relationship (SPeaR)PDF
Specialised Co-parenting Support CentresPDF
Having an Unplanned Pregnancy, what can I do?PDF
Social Welfare Department Hotline – Access to Instant Telephone Interpretation ServicePDF
Social Welfare Support Services for Street SleepersPDF
Temporary Shelter / Hostel / Short-term HostelPDF
Short-term Food Assistance Service TeamsPDF

Clinical Psychological Services

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Clinical Psychological ServicesPDF
Helping Children cope with traumatic eventsPDF
Critical Incident - Stress ManagementPDF
Post-traumatic Stress DisorderPDF
Separation and loss arising from traumatic events: Handing of loss and griefPDF

Medical Social Services

Item / NameDownload File
Medical Social ServicesPDF

Rehabilitation Services

Item / NameDownload File
Rehabilitation ServicesPDF
Integrated Community Centre for Mental WellnessPDF
Parents / Relatives Resource Centre (PRC)PDF

Services for the Elderly

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Elderly Services (Leaflet)PDF
Subsidised Long Term Care ServicesPDF
Standardised Care Need Assessment Mechanism for Elderly ServicesPDF
Protecting Elderly Persons Against AbusePDF
District Elderly Community Centres (DECC)PDF
Neighbourhood Elderly Centres (NEC)PDF
Support Team for the Elderly (STE)PDF
Scheme on Training for Foreign Domestic Helpers in Elderly CarePDF
Home-based Community Care Services 
[Integrated Home Care Services (Frail Cases) / Enhanced Home and Community Care Services]
Day Care Centres / Units for the ElderlyPDF
Respite Services for Elderly PersonsPDF
Services Supporting the CarersPDF

Services for Young People

Item / NameDownload File
Overview on Youth Services, Drug Treatment and Rehabilitation Services and Community Development Services in Hong KongPDF
Brief Information on Community Support Service Scheme (CSSS)PDF

Services for Offenders

Item / NameLink
Probation ServiceLink
Community Service Orders (CSO) SchemeLink
Post-Release Supervision of Prisoners SchemeLink
Young Offender Assessment PanelLink
Correctional / Residential Home Tuen Mun Children and Juvenile HomeLink
Services for Ex-offenders and Discharged PrisonersLink
Residential Service for Young Probationers and High-Risk YouthLink

Licensing and Regulation

Item / NameDownload File
Visiting Medical Practitioner Service For Residential Care HomesPDF

Other Useful Information / Links

Item / NameDownload File / Link
Race Relations Unit, Home Affairs DepartmentLink
  • Programmes / Services for Ethnic Minorities
  • Support Service Centres for Ethnic Minorities
  • Publications
Equal Opportunities CommissionLink
Administrative Guidelines on Promotion of Racial EqualityLink
  • Interpretation and Translation Services Arranged
Checklist of Measures - Social WelfarePDF
Constitutional and Mainland Affairs BureauLink
Letter on “Promotion of Non-discriminatory Policy” issued by SWD on 5 August 2010 (English version only)PDF

Staff / Non-Governmental Organisation Corner

The Government is committed to eliminating racial discrimination and promoting equal opportunities for ethnic minorities. The Basic Law, the Hong Kong Bill of Rights Ordinance (Cap. 383) and the Race Discrimination Ordinance (Cap. 602) provide the legal framework to prohibit discrimination on the ground of race.

The Administrative Guidelines on Promotion of Racial Equality provide guidance to relevant Bureaux and Departments and public authorities to promote racial equality and ensure equal access to public services in key areas concerned. Under the Guidelines, relevant Bureaux, Departments and public authorities have drawn up checklists of measures that would assist in promoting racial equality and equal access to key public services to enhance the transparency of their work. The Guidelines cover the key public services which are particularly relevant to meeting the special needs of ethnic minorities and facilitating their integration into the community, namely, medical, education, vocational training, employment and major community services.

Assistance and Interpretation Services for Ethnic Minorities ( by Departmental centres / units )

Item / NameDownload File
Information sheetPDF